Privacy Policy

The Misawa Sister City Committee (hereby refferred to as “the committee”) observes all laws regarding the protection of personal information and the Misawa City ordinance on the protection of personal information. The committee works to give due consideration to the sufficient management and protection of personal information.

1. Obtainment of Personal Information

The committee obtains personal information in a fair and lawful manner. When such personal information is obtained, the committee will provide the purpose for which it will be used, excluding cases when required not to do so by law.

2. Use of Personal Information

In principle, personal information the committee obtains will not be used for anything other than the purpose provided.

3. Supervising of Personal Information

The committee will excercise suitable management and surpervision of contractors when providing them with personal information in order to fulfuill the purpose for which the information would be used.

4. Provision to Third Parties

Unless prescribed by law, the committee does not provide personal information to third parties without the advance consent of those it concerns.

5. Administration of Personal Information

The committee has sufficient security measures in place to prevent the illegal access, loss, desctruction, or leakage of the personal information it obtains. The committee works to excercise appropriate and legal safety measures and will dispose of personal information when deemed no longer neccessary to keep such information.

6. Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information

Those concerned may request the disclosure, revision, or use of their personal information kept by the committee.

Inquiries Regarding the Privacy Policy

Misawa Sister City Committee(Staff Office: International Relations Div. Department of Policies, City of Misawa)
TEL: 0176-51-1255